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Hey ya'll,

I have been a wrestling fan since I was 8 years old and the one belt I have always wanted is the old school WWE Intercontinental Championship, known to many as the "Reggie IC." I was amazed by this belt as I saw superstars such as Mr. Perfect, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, and Razor Ramon wear it to the ring. When I discovered that Dave could make me this same belt, I immediately took advantage of the opportunity. Despite his extremely busy schedule, Dave always took the time to respond to my e-mails very quickly and was quick to give me updates. I received my IC championship this past Saturday morning and when I opened it up, I was speechless. It exceeded my expectations. If anyone out there is thinking of buying a belt, Dave Millican is your man. I promise you will be amazed with the finished product. Don't waste your time going anywhere else for a belt; if you want the best, order from Dave.


Josh Massengale


I grew up watching Memphis wrestling and some of my fondest memories are of my ritualistic Wednesday night journeys to the old War Memorial Coliseum in Evansville, IN to watch the likes of Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee, Dutch Mantel, and Austin Idol battle it out over the AWA Southern heavyweight title.  They made it seem like owning that belt was the most important thing you could ever accomplish and I dreamed of one day holding that same belt.  Thanks to Dave Millican, that dream has come true.  Being a belt mark, I've gotten the flat, thin Figures, Inc. replicas, only to be disappointed at little they resembled the originals.  I've also ordered from other beltmakers who delivered real belts, but did subpar work and wouldn't give you the time of day.  My experience with Dave was fantastic.  He was quick to answer any questions I had and was genuinely appreciative of my business.  And, since Dave is a fellow Memphis mark, we shared some great Memphis memories along the way.  I feel like I gained a good friend along with a spectacular belt.  And as for the belt, Dave's work is flawless.  I was mesmerized by the beauty of the belt I held in my hands, the same belt that my childhood heroes fought over.  It is honestly my most prized personal possession.  Anyone wishing for a high quality belt need look no further than Dave.  If it ever existed, he can make it.  I look forward to doing more business with him in the future and I highly recommend his business for anyone else who wants the best. 
David Miller


Hello Everyone!

I was compelled to write to you to share my experience with purchasing a belt from the "Ace Of Belts" Dave Millican! The process was very quick and painless, not to mention a joy to talk with Dave about the old "Territory Days" and kicking Ideas around creating a custom title. Dave is a pleasure to talk with, and he has the patience of a Saint!

He answered all my neophyte questions quickly and courteously, regardless of how idiotic some of them may have been. He was prompt and apt to provide updates during the process and the service he provided to me as a customer was top notch! I just took delivery of the belts that I ordered today and I am utterly left speechless!!! The attention to detail is second to none, as is the craftsmanship displayed by Dave in my biased opinion, masterpieces!!

For those of you who are either sitting on the fence or wonder if it is truly worth spending the money, DO IT!! I promise that you will not be disappointed! I am really looking forward to placing my next order in the very near future!! Dave has truly been blessed by God, and I am thankful that he chose to share his talent with me; I for one encourage you to continue the path you are on. Your God given gift has truly made room for you!!

God Bless,
Reverend Kevin M. Butts


I have done more business with Dave than any other beltmaker. Dave is the beltmaker that I will always
come back to. Why? Because of customer service. Dave has made for me, (I think) 5 belts. He also
releathered 3 belts from other beltmakers. I was amazed he took on the releather jobs, because why
would we want to improve a competitors belt? The fact that I have done business with Dave 8 times should say
something about Dave's business. Dave has always been available for any questions, and comments. ...and I
mean always! I am a real pain in the ass, as a customer. Dave was always willing to make small
changes along the way, when he could. Every belt, and releather job was awesome. Dave always kept a keen
eye on my belts even when I was not bugging him with emails or calls. Dave is always willing to work with
you, Don't hesitate contacting Dave for a championship belt. The experience will be awesome. I
owe Dave this feedback. I have been enjoying my belts for years, and the least I can do is thank him again,
and recommend his service. When I am in the market again, I will buy from Dave.

Regards, Samuel McClain


Let me start out by letting you know how I found out about Dave Millican. I purchased two belts from Figures Inc. and I called them to see about getting a real championship belt made. They responded by telling me that they did not offer real belts and gave me Dave's website address! So I went to the website and found out that Dave had been making all the belts for the wrestling organizations that I grew up watching ( World Class Championship Wrestling and NWA ) . I picked out a belt that I would like to have and e-mailed Dave for a price ( NWA TV Belt ), he responded to my e-mail the same day with a price! That was in August ( 2005 ) and I received my belt in January ( 2006 ) and let me tell you it was everything I expected and more! A real belt is so much better than a toy belt for sure. The time and effort put into a real championship belt is well worth your wait. Dave is the man to call on if you appreciate customer service and detail on a hand crafted championship belt! Later on in 2005 I was able to purchase another Millican made belt ( 92 WOW World Title ) from another belt collector! So I have two Millican made championship belts and will continue to buy from Dave Millican until I have every belt on my wish list. In closing I would like to say that my dealing with Dave Millican has been a true pleasure!!!!!
 Randy Dozier


I just recently received a belt from "THE ACE", and I have to say I am still in total awe of how great it came out. The plates are absolutely flawless, the leather work is so good its beyond words. I have had bad dealings with a certain other beltmaker, so I was a little skeptical in placing an order at first. But after a few e-mails to and from him he just seemed like someone to be trusted and he is. This was my first time dealing with Dave and I must say when I get the funds together I will not hesitate doing business with him again. From the initial order right up to delivery he was keeping me well informed and updated on the belts status, he even sent me an e-mail of apology when he was sick. Can you believe it? The man is sick and apologizes for it, because it will add a slight delay to my belt. That is what I call dedication to your customers satisfaction. So in ending I must say if you ever want a belt made just go right to the best, Dave "THE ACE" Millican, you won't be disappointed.
 Ralph (belts_and_tattoos_rule)


I started collecting real belts in early 2005. After many years of buying every Figures Inc belt they made, I decided to sell them all and upgrade to real championship belts.  Real belts are so much nicer, worth every penny.
Dave Millican has gone above and beyond with his customer service. He worked a deal with another belt collector so that I could have a belt early. That was one of the classiest things I've ever seen. When other belt makers couldn't be bothered to answer any questions regarding your order, Dave goes out of his way to answer any and all questions regarding anything you ask him about, and he does it within a day. As busy as he is, he always takes the time to talk with his customers, and he does so with an open mind, and respect. 
Dave does incredible work, Amazing Belts, and Amazing customer service. 
Thanks for everything!
Mike Weinacker 


I have owned about a dozen belts & have seen allot of others from Dave Millican & let me just say that I have never seen a bad one. Even if it is a belt I don't care for the craftsmanship is second to none. Dave is not only a beltmaker, he is a belt fan. What that means to the buyer is that he can get a belt that is as close to the original as possible. On a personal note Dave is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I am very proud to call him a friend. When you need a belt there should never be any hesitation about picking Dave to do it. In my opinion, Dave has talent on loan from God himself.
Dave Miller


I am relatively new to the "real" belt collecting world (I ordered my first one only 18 months ago), but all 5 that I own (and 2 more on the way) were made by Dave. I cannot say enough great things about his work or his customer service. Regardless of how dumb my questions were initially ("Dave, what is dual plating?"), he always took the time to answer them in a prompt and courteous manner. He treats his customers with
honesty and respect.

The belts speak for themselves ... they are fantastic pieces of work. My first real belt was the mid-80's CWF Florida title, and I can still remember how excited I was to take it out of the box and thought to myself ... "so this is what a real belt feels like!" As a lifelong wrestling fan, it was a very cool feeling.

I never thought I'd be willing to spend this kind of money on one belt, let alone 7, but they are so outstanding that they are well worth it.

If I could sum up my experience thus far with Dave on a scale of 1-10, he gets an 11.

Tom Mavrikis


I met Dave through a friend (Ashvin aka The_Russian_Nightmare) several years ago. My first job to him was to replate and releather a set of plates I had purchased from someone. The end result was something I could have never imaged! It was beyond what I expected. Shortly after that I ordered a NWA US belt from him and once again I was blown away by his work.
To date I have ordered 10-11 belts from him and plan on continuing to purchase from him. About 2 years ago I made a mistake and ordered from someone else and what I got was something which was ok but not what I paid for. I enjoy ordering through Dave as he always answers every question. At times I feel like I am asking the dumbest things and yet he stills answers and explains everything perfectly for me. He is always very polite and unlike other so-called belt makers out there, he does not stop replying to emails once he has your money! Others like to play that friendly role but yet once they have what they want (your money) they will not reply to emails or return calls.
Dave has since day one keep me up-to-date with my orders telling me what stage they are in and answering all my questions no matter how stupid they are. Dave to me is more that just a belt maker, I am proud to call him a true friend. Recently I placed a large order through him and he went out his way to assist me. Did he have to…? No not at all!
The reason I choose to make this website was as a thank you to him, for always being a great guy! And if I can get him at least him at least one new order or dedicated customer through this website then I have done my job. Thank you Dave for everything.



I first contacted Dave sometime in June 2003, and in that short period of time I have ordered and bought 5 belts from him (I believe) and have gotten to know him, as much as you can know a person over the internet. In that short period of time I am glad to say I have become friends with him. He is pure class, an all-round gentleman.

He offers real hand-crafted belts, a releathering service for your Fig Inc replica belts, releathering and repair work on all real hand crafted belts and also a great video tape which contains footage of a huge host of belts Dave has made and has owned over the past several years.

His work is second to none. The guy makes awesome belts, and his leatherwork is something that has to be seen to be believed. I don't know if there is a belt this man cannot produce, no matter how long it has been out of the spotlight. (Barring all the current WWE copywrited designs etc).
If you ever have the pleasure to deal with Dave Millican, then you are in for a treat. His customer service is superb, and he is so accommodating that he will answer any and all questions. You are guaranteed to get what you pay for with Dave, and so much more. His work is fantastic. He is straight forward and honest with you, pulls no punches, and is a wealth of wrestling and belt knowledge.

He will take pictures of your belt for you when he has it, he will send you regular updates if you ask, and is an all-round pleasure to deal with. I really cannot say enough good things about this man. And I guarantee you will never hear anybody else say a bad word against him, because he simply is a nice guy.

If there is one thing I can always say makes me happy when it comes to the hobby of belt collecting, it is communicating with Dave Millican, simply the most reliable and best belt maker in the entire World, BAR NONE!

Chris Page


Hi Javy,

I'll add to the testamonial.

I ordered my dual plated Winged Eagle and Custom dual plated NWA UK from dave and was really impressed by his level of service. He always took the time to answer my e-mails thoroughly regardless of the questions asked. During the plating of the Winged Eagle, Dave was taken sick but still he e-mailed me and apologised for the delay. Dave is an amazing person.

When the belts arrived they both far exceeded my expectations, the work was amazing. The dual plating was great, the detail fantastic, the leather soft, the tooling on the leather perfect, in a nut shell, both belts are fantastic !!!

I would order from Dave again in a heart beat, and would recommend him to any person that wants a belt made.



I have ordered a few belts from Dave. The first of which was an NWA World TV Title. I emailed him for a price, the next day I had the total and sent the money order straight to him. I called him and asked a few questions, and he told me every thing I wanted to know. I got the belt quickly, and it was exactly what I wanted. He cut, tooled, and dyed the strap seemingly perfect. I emailed or called him to let him know that I got the belt and was very happy with it. I have ordered quite a few from him since then, and will continue to do so until I have every belt I've ever wanted. Dave Millican makes the absolute best belts in the world, and I suggest anyone and everyone to go to him for all your championship belt needs.



I've never ordered a belt from Dave, but as the Title Belt Designer for Reggie Parks Championship Belts, I've done a great deal of work with him. Dave is perhaps the best detail oriented belt maker in the business, his dual plating and painting skill is absolutly flawless. Just look at the High Maintenance Belt or the HCW Belts we did. His work speaks for itself. My advice to any serious belt collector would be to have a Dave Millican Belt in their collection.

By the Way, Dave's also one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, and is a virtual walking database on title belts.



Hi Javy,

In responce to your question, I've had one belt releathered by Dave, and bought three belts.

In general, regarding all the orders, Dave was great to work with the whole way. He was always willing to answer any questions, and was faster with responces than pretty much anyone else I've ever dealt with, wether belts or any other purchases, through ebay or anything. Usually I receive responses within 24 hours, sometimes even within an hour. He was always willing to send pics of belts if I asked, to help me decide on things about my orders. He always seems genuinely happy and courteous when communicating in emails, doesn't get irritated if I'd ask questions like alot of businesses and people I've dealt with before. He's given me updates on orders when he could as well as pics of my belts before they came to me.

The first time I'd delt with Dave was to have my FWF Reggie IC releathered in white. Came out incredible, it was done exactly how I wanted it, even with the logo plate tooling I requested. Great color and he even cleaned the plates for me, I really think it came back with the plates looking better than they did when I first got the belt brand new.

My 2nd order was for a WW IC and WW Silver Tag. Again, great service, I don't need to repeat everything I said before. Again, they both came out great, beautiful tooling, including logo plate tooling. I originally was getting a black IC, but decided on the blue later on, Dave was great and didn't have a problem with me changing the order. Both belts arrived nicely done, clean and shiney, even down to the snaps.

My 3rd and most recent order was the WOW US belt. Again, I ended up changing my order for this one a little, I was going to get custom sides, but decided to go with the regular ones when I saw Pawn's belt. Dave did the belt exactly as I requested, including the red/white paint on the flags, logo plate tooling, the eagle tooled into the strap, and even changing the cut of the leather a little to have the tooling wrap tighter to the side plates which I liked better than the standard way that Pawn's was done. This belt was delivered alot quicker than I thought it would, and I was really surprised when Dave emailed me to tell me it was on it's way. It came out great again, wonderfull tooling, great leather, shiny and clean plates.

As soon as I can afford another real belt, Dave will likely be my man. His work is great, his service is the best, and the belts are worth every penny I've paid for them.

Thanks Dave!



I ordered my first belt from Dave Millican in August 1998. I had talked to him for several months about belts and wrestling and we struck up a friendship. He has always been there for me as a beltmaker and a friend. I cannot put into words what he has meant to me personally and professionally. His work is the absolute best, and what is scary is that he still gets better, that is how truly awesome the man is. His customer service is incredible and he keeps you totally up to speed on your belt.

I continue to order from Dave because he is simply THE BEST!!! He is known as THE ACE, a name which is well earned. The amount of respect I have for the man and his work is unfathomed. From the beltmarks around the world, we owe Dave a huge thank you for making dreams come true for all of us. When I was first told about this site, I was all to happy to share my belts and take all kinds of pictures. I am so glad someone dedicated a site to Dave and allowed me to participate in it.

Thanks for everything Dave, you are a legend in your own time!!!

Your friend,

Russ Miller


Dave is the man you want for quality. After having a bad experience with a beltmaker Dave helped every way he could to help me get what I wanted. He is truly the Ace of All Belts
Jeff Jones


For a long time I wanted a Reggie Parks belt, but I was uncomfortable with dealing with a middle man. My good friend Ashvin told me about Dave. March 2003 I emailed Dave about getting a WCW US belt made for me. He was prompt, courteous, and informative with his reply. He told me many different things about the original belt and asked me exactly how I wanted the belt to look from the strap tooling to the paint job. Dave was there for all my tedious questions and always had time to explain things from me. I mailed my payment to him right before Wrestlemania XX. Dave sent me numerous emails with pics of progress made on the belt asking for my approval. 2 months later, the finished product arrived at my door. When I opened it, I was in complete shock. Dave's craftsmanship is top notch and he is a genuine nice guy. From now until the day I die, Dave will be the first person I go to if I want a belt made.

Thank you so much.
Dan Van Alst


Wow were does a guy start. I guess i will start at the beginning. Way back in 1998 i met Dave via Ebay. He was selling a Jmar NWA World belt if i recall correctly. We traded a few emails and i then found out Dave was a beltmaker and that i had previously seen some of his work on the Midwest site. We have traded a few emails back and fourth throughout the years. Even though i really don't know the guy personally I can say Dave is a hell of a guy. When you look up class in the dictionary there will be a pic of Dave. No matter how dumb my belt questions were, back when i started this wacky journey called belt-collecting, he always took the time to respond. The guy has treated me with nothing but the utmost repect............ We even had a battle via Ebay over a WCW fig belt. Not sure if Dave would even remember this but here is the story. On Dec. 31, 1998  there was this belt on Ebay. The seller said it was just like the real WCW belt. I thought cool a Big Gold belt hopefully i can score it. Well 2 guys were bidding, me and Dave, and "luckily" i won the thing for 550 bucks or so. You have to realize this was way before anyone knew of the Fig belts. Dave didn't even know as i recall him telling me he thought it was a thin plated Jmar. So i sent the money for this "beauty". The day i sent the money i got an email from Dave explaining to me what i really was getting. Seriously it was like 5 hours after i had dumped that check in a US mailbox. LOL! .........Dave has made me 3 belts throughout the years as well. An AWA World Heavyweight championship belt in all gold, (the Dual-plated one Curt Henning wore) A NWA US belt, (Nikita version) and a FWF Hogan 86 (The one Hulk Hogan wore at Wrestlemania III when he defeated Andre the Giant). I have to say the workmanship on all 3 is/was top-notch. Dave even went out of his way to keep me updated on the progress of each belt during the time each was being crafted. Some people like to compare the different beltmakers but Dave is definately in a class all by himself. When it comes to craftmanship, emails, ordering, and overall customer service you cant go wrong with Dave Millican. I know he is called the 'Ace of Belts' but in my opinion he should be called the 'Total Package' because when you order from Dave you get it all. I can honestly say I have never heard one bad thing about Dave or his work. To end this i would just like to say Thanks to Dave, as well as Reggie Parks, for helping me realize my boyhood dreams these last few years. Thanks for reading!
--Steven 'Beltstud' Voeller--


Thanks Dave, I am from old school back in the middle 70's, my dad took me to msg and I would see Bruno, Pedro, Backlund and superstar etc... I saw Pedro with this belt and let me tell you I never would of thought I will be holding the exact molded replica of Pedro Morales belt but I am. I am holding some history here in my hands. This belt is the next best thing than Bruno's red strap 3-d eagle 7 plate belt he had. I am just sad that superstar destroyed the wwwf belt from bob backlund, or else I would have order that beautiful belt too. But Pedro's belt is the same shape front plate as well as some of the side plates that Bruno had, so I am happy. Dave thank you for the wwwf belt. and by the way if you ever get a chance to talk to Bob backlund again see if he can show you the wwwf belt that he still has and hopefully you can make a mold out of that to so I can order it.

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